Woman Scream 2017: A Scream of Freedom for all Girls

The Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional, MPI Inc.) in partnership with the Grito de Mujer® (Woman Scream) brand reported that over 30 countries will be part of the 7th. Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2017 under the motto: A Scream of freedom, to honor all the little girls of the world. Woman Scream will be celebrated from 1st to 31st of March 2017, with the participation of poets, artists and solidarity institutions.

Woman Scream 2017 will as every year, take its worldwide chain with over 200 different cities. It is organized with the altruistic support and solidarity of outstanding public and private organizations, artists and literary groups in several countries.

The participating countries for this March 2017 will be: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Canada, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Cuba, Uruguay, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Portugal, Haiti, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, Macedonia, Luxembourg, among others.

Woman Scream is a free entry festival, open to the general public and includes an entertaining cultural program of scenic arts, music, dance, performance and poetry with social awareness. This year, the festival will abroad themes referring to girls such as: early pregnancy, child abuse, forced labor, Human Rights, etc.

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About Woman Scream

It started in 2011, as poetic-artistic festival. It is a chain of simultaneous events in different countries throughout the month of March in tribute to women and against violence. Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer in Spanish) is organized by the Women Poets International Movement MPI, Inc., from the Dominican Republic, and it has served to sensitize people about the serious violence situations women face through various campaigns, related events and topics of interest. Events have been celebrated in around 60 countries, with more than 700 activities coordinated by volunteers. Grito de Mujer and its creator, the Dominican poet Jael Uribe, have won international awards for the work they carry out in favor of women’s causes.

Find out what happened in Woman Scream 2016 Opening at Madrid

Celebrated the days 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12 and 16 of March 2016.

Since last March 2dn, 2016 until the day 16th, Madrid, Spain was
for the first time the opening city of the recognized Grito de Mujer, Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2016, and the 1st. International Encounter of friends and supporters of the MPI Movement Inc., hosts of the festival. Woman Scream is a cause born at the Dominican Republic, this year Woman Scream took place simultaneously in over 30 countries and carried a social committed through arts and poetry, to deliver messages of self-esteem and zero tolerance of violence against women. In this sixth issue, Woman Scream brought a tribute to Arab women and all women who suffer under the yoke of archaic customs such as stoning, ablation, honor crimes, among others. The theme was "Desert Flowers," In honor of the Iranian Soraya Manutcherhi, stoned to death and accused falsely for being a "inconvenient" wife.

In Madrid, gathered more than a hundred poets, artists and collaborators of the Grito de Mujer cause from different nations that came to join, participate or just support this beautiful work, among them: Mexico, Poland, Palestine, Morocco, Peru, UK, Syria, Usa, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Geneva, Venezuela, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania ... and many more.

On March 2, 2016, we began with a pre-inaugural recital at the Library of Retiro District, with the participation of the poetess Bouchrail Echchaoui (Morocco), Teresa Cuadrado Morgado (Spain), Jael Uribe (Dominican Republic ), Jelen Romero Cuevas, Laura Olalla Olwid, Leonor Merino, Marisol Huerta Niembro, Rosa Maria Berlanga and Maria Victoria Caro Bernal (Spain).

On day 4, was presented the anthology Flores del Desierto (Desert Flowers), the event counted with the participation of 43 of the 76 national and international participant poets: Abner Tomas Viera Quezada (Peru), Ana Deacracias (Spain), Benilda Jesus Claro Alvarez (Colombia) Bogumila Olaniecka (Poland), Brunhilde Román Ibáñez (Spain), Carmen Crespo (Spain), Carmen Hernandez Rey (Spain), Carolina Cohen Polanco (Colombia), Concha Gorostiza Dapena (Spain), Corona Zamarro (Colombia), Dina Pardo Luz (Peru), Elena Vargas (Peru-Britain), Esther Freire (Spain), Fernando Saltos (Ecuador), Jael Uribe (Dominican Republic), Javier Lerena (Spain), Josefa Martínez Marquez (Spain), Lidia Acevedo ( Mexico), Lilian Vizcaino (Cuba), Lola Martinez Auñón (Spain), Luis Miguel Sanchez (Spain), Marlene Denis (Cuba-Spain), Maria Chamorro (Spain), María del Angulo Mar (Spain), María José Pérez Lima ( Spain), María Macías (Spain), María Sánchez Román (Spain), Mercedes Dueñas (Spain), Nir (Spain), Rosa Rodríguez (Spain) Salomé Ortega (Spain), Salvadorita Mancebo (Dominican Republic), Sandra Murillo (Ecuador ), Teresita Calderon (Puerto Rico-Switzerland), Valia Ilieva (Bulgaria), Zulma Quiñones (Puerto Rico).

Later on, that same day in the hall next to the same Buenavista Cultural Center, we proceeded to the opening of the art exhibition, also under the name Desert Flowers Flores del Desierto, with national and international artists and coverage of major media radio and international television such as the BBC, EFE, TVE, among others. In addition we had the distinguished presence of the Ambassador of Venezuela in Madrid, Mario Isea Bohorquez and Cultural Attaché of the Dominican Embassy in Madrid, Victor Ramirez.

Among the participants artists were painters and photographers: Federico Losada, Bouchrail Echchaoui, Carme Ollé i Cooderch, National Painters: Gloria Alvarez, Emilia Diaz, Lourdes Diez, International. Painters: Nayat Sahraoui, Salvadorita Mancebo, Functional Diversity: Mamen Delgado, Silvia Cota, Luz Galvan and young talents: Alicia Bercan and Manos de Luz group. It also featured sculptures from the artists Ana Benegas Haddad. Music and dance were in charge of by Ariadna Sounds of the Universe, the Kamra Group Rikh Ganech & Moon & Moon Dreams and Inma Garrote Camarena. There was a brief poetic recital with the participation of Antonio Capilla (Spain), Dragos Cosmin Popa (Romania), Fatima Nascimento (Portugal), Oskar Rodrigañez Florez (Spain), Pilar S. Tarduchy (Spain), Milagros Salvador (Spain).

On March 5, 2016 there was one morning dedicated to the theater and a brief discussion on the importance of theater to fight women violence, with the presentation two plays, La Karcel Azul, directed by Ana Santos-Olmos and performed by: Flavia Perez de Castro, Diana Irazabal and Lidia Palazuelo. And the works of small format play Evolution: Flores del Desierto, a fusion of music and performing arts performed by: Ariadna SDU, María José Pérez Lima and Concha Gorostiza.

In the afternoon, in the same Buenavista auditorium, took place the worldwide opening of the 6th. Woman Scream Festival 2016: Desert Flowers, with the participation of leading figures in Madrid’s literary world from different nationalities and with a great poetry selection, among excellent artistic performances. The opening featured the words of Dominican poetess Jael Uribe, President of the Women Poets International Movement Inc, and founder of the Woman Scream cause who also, had the support of the Dominican Embassy in Madrid through its cultural delegate Victor Ramirez. The overall coordination was the poetess Asuncion Caballero, active member and contributor to the MPI. Among the participants poets were: Amelia Diaz Benlluire (Spain), Rafael Soler (Spain), Esperanza Parraga (Spain), Jael Uribe (Dominican Republic), Esther Peñas (Spain) who also supported the presentation and poets participants, Isabel Miguel (Spain), Javier Peñín (Spain), María Pizarro (Spain), Rosa Berlanga Benito (Spain), Rachida Mohammedi (Arab American), Manhunt Sour (Palestine), Dra. Pilar Baumeister (Pilar Andreo Vila) , blind from Germany) poet, and finally Nina Affane Lys (Algeria). Artistic representation was in charge of Benegas Haddad Ana (Cantautora-Spain), Laura Granados (performer and composer), Ariadna Sounds of the Universe (Music), Inma Garrote Camarena (Spanish Dance), Maria Faidi (Oriental Dance).

 Later on, at 9 pm, in the halls of RafaelHoteles Ventas 4, at the Acala Street, we had a dinner gala, with a recital of international poets and the intervention of about 40 poets, storytellers, and collaborators of the Grito de Mujer cause, among which were: Estrella Cuadrado Morgado, Inma Díez, Antonia Cerrato, Antonieta Villamil, Assumption Vidarte, Barbara Duran (Isabela Simone, Mexico), Berkis Contreras, Bouchrail Echchaoui (Morocco), Laura Olalla Olwid, Clara Blazquez Jimenez, Clemen Corbalan, Edith Fernández García, Encarnación Sánchez Arenas, Helena Staghouraki (Greece), Gema Bocardo, Idoia Carramiñana, Ivonne Sánchez Barea, Lucrecia Lopez Guirao, Pilar García Orgaz, Maria del Carmen Aranda, Marizela Rios (Mexico ), Brunilde Román Ibáñez, Nieves Garcia, Raquel Herrero Alverola, Rocio Biedman, Rosario Miloro Costas, Yolanda García Ares, among others. The performance Flor Dorada en el Asfalto "Golden Flower on the Asphalt" of the dominican poetess Jael Uribe, put the note of surprise and fun at the sound of maracas and Taíno’s dance, dragging the applause of the audience. At the end of the night the awards ceremony took place among tears and emotions among the Woman Scream partners and collaborators who attended. Many of them where surprised with the award Mujer Alada, "The Winged Woman" and, beautiful certificates of appreciation for their outstanding work. Among the awarded they were: Zulma Quiñones (Puerto Rico), Teresita Calderon (Switzerland), Antonia Cerrato, Idoia Carramiñana, Adirane Azcuenaga, Maria Pizarro, Encarnación Sánchez Arenas, Rosa Garde, Bouchrail Echchaoui (Morocco), Berkis Contreras (USA), Ivonne Sánchez Barea, Maria Sanchez, Helena Staghouraki (Greece), Pedro Vera and Asuncion Caballero. There were also recognized the efforts of the poets Carmen Rey Hernandez, Inma Diez, Sergio Perez, and Edith Fernandez and for their unconditional support to the cause.

In the afternoon of March 6, 2016, there was a formal closure for the MPI encounter with a recital of national and international poets from Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Spain, Poland, etc., among this: Lorena Paz (Argentina), Fatima Nascimento (Portugal), Oskar Rodrigañez Florez and Pilar S. Tarduchy (Spain), Jael Uribe (Dominican), Bogumila Olaniecka (Poland), among others. There was also a brief discussion about our personal experiences with violence and the importance of activities like to fight violence issues we face through more efficient and effective solutions.

On 9 March, 2016, the night was very emotional in the celebration of the Colloquium-Recital on women violence and ablation, where we had the wrenching personal testimony of Asha Ismail, on her own experience with this practice on the hands of her mother and grandmother when she was barely 5 years of age; the audience was moved to tears. The general coordinator of the meeting, Asuncion Caballero, proposed a solidarity concert for the NGO of Asha Ismail order to raise funds for her education program against female genital mutilation. In addition, we had the presentation of Ana Buñuel Heras, Director of Equality of the City of Madrid. The event was held in the Hall of the 2nd floor of the Junta Municipal del Distrito Retiro, where there was also a poetry recital with men and women poets with poems allusive to the cause.

Continuing acts on March 10, 2016, there was a second presentation of the Anthology Desert Flowers in the Hall of Poetry Center José Hierro, and a poetry recital was performed.

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, at the Cacharrería room in the Ateneo of Madrid, within the format of the Three Tertulias, we had the presentation of the Tertulia-Recital: How do desert flowers scream? a recital with poets of various nationalities among them Maria del Carmen Aranda, Luis Miguel Sanchez, Nieves Gallardo, Muhsin al-Ramli (Iraq) who read us in his mother language and was translated into Spanish by his beautiful little daughter. Mohamed El Idrissi (Morocco), Maisoun Shukai (Syria), Bogumila Olaniecka (Poland), Manhunt Sour (Palestine), there was also the intervention of a wonderful little girl from the public who improvised a poem. We also had the presentation "Poetic Justice or the importance of a scream" by the Dominican writer Jael Uribe. Moderation and overall presentation of the event was in charge of Asuncion Caballero and the hostess of the Tertulia, Ms. Victoria Caro Bernal.

The Tertulia was attended by a dedicated and participative public. Upon completion, a group of poets and participants shared a dinner at one of the restaurants in the famous Barrio de las Letras of Madrid.

The final event of the Grito de Mujer 2016 closure in Madrid, took place on March 16th, 2016 at the Egyptian Institute of Madrid, with a recital of poets of different nationalities including Carmen Crespo, Asuncion Caballero, Veronica Aranda, Felipe Espilez, Fernando Sabido, among others, the words of welcoming by the Director of the Egyptian Institute: Dr. Basem Saleh Daoud and the President of Intercultural Circle Hispanic Arabic, Abdo Tounsi. In this event could we enjoyed a magnificent participation of Hispanic-Arabic poets, highlighting the importance of equality between men and women. Upon completion, the Intercultural Circle Hispanic Arabic invited to a tasting of delicious Arabic sweets and tea.

Woman Scream Festival events, are celebrated during the month of March each year in over 30 countries worldwide, and is coordinated by the Women Poets International Movement (MPI) Inc. based at the Dominican Republic.

The MPI invites its friends and followers to follow the details of this grand opening in Madrid and to check each event details in different countries visiting the WS page at

New call for Woman Scream 2017

The Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2017 will be under the motto "A Scream of Freedom" that seeks to boost confidence, security and values ​​of girls around the world, and their right to live without worrying about abuse, mistreatment, or about adult problems such as early pregnancy, forced labor, among others.

This year the Women Poets International Movement (MPI) Inc. and the Woman Scream team based at the Dominican Republic reiterate the call for volunteer events coordinators to take part of the 7th. edition of this famous festival that will take place next march, 2017 in different countries.

Since 2011, this festival has recruited poets and artists and served as a platform for violence awareness through various campaigns and events related to art and culture. The call will be open until the first week of February 2017. All proposals will be evaluated by our team. All events accepted must work as part of the WS global chain and represent the cause in accordance with established WS guidelines and images.

Woman Scream events have taken place in around 60 different countries, with over 700 related activities coordinated. Each event is created with purpose and meaning, especially having a deep respect for the cause.

All those interested in joining Woman Scream 2017: A Scream of Freedom, for all the girls in the world, should send their proposals, through the contact area of to get WS Guidelines for coordinators and volunteers. You can follow us in Facebook and Twitter.

Woman Scream rewards outstanding contributors

The day March 4, 2016, the Foundation Mujeres Poetas Internacional (MPI) Inc. (Women Poets International Movement) and the Grito de Mujer® (Woman Scream brand), held in the halls Rafaelhoteles Ventas 4 in the city of Madrid, Spain, a gala dinner where took place the 1st International Encounter of the MPI Movement with poets, friends and followers of the cause Grito de Mujer. The night began with a magnificent dinner for 120 people, continuing with a recital of international Spanish speaking poets and the intervention of about 40 poets, and associates of the Woman Scream cause.

The Dominican writer, President of MPI, Jael Uribe, dedicated an emotional speech with words dedicated specifically to each of her collaborators present in the meeting. At the end of the night it took place an awards ceremony between tears and emotions for the Woman Scream festival coordinators and MPI outstanding collaborators present that day. Uribe, did not only deliver them a beautiful certificate with the figure of the "winged woman", which is the symbol that identifies the Grito de Mujer® brand, but also surprised them with the trophy itself, as a form of gratitude for the loyalty during the many years of loyalty and volunteer work.

The team members who received awards are: Antonia Cerrato, Idoia Carramiñana, Adirane Azcuenaga, Maria Pizarro, Encarnación Sánchez Arenas, Rosa Garde, Bouchrail Echchaoui (Morocco), Berkis Contreras (USA), Ivonne Sánchez Barea, María Sanchez, Helena Staghouraki (Greece), Pedro Vera, Asuncion Caballero.

Other team members received certificates of recognition: Zulma Quiñones (Puerto Rico), Teresita Calderon (Switzerland), and the followers Carmen Rey Hernandez, Inma Diez, Edith Fernandez and Sergio Perez for their unconditional involvement with the cause.

The Foundation Mujeres Poetas Internacional (MPI) Inc. and Grito de Mujer® gives thanks to all the supporters of the Woman Scream cause around the world.

Woman scream 2016 Greece

This year the “Woman Scream” International Poetry and Arts Festival took place for the fourth time in Greece. Organised by the Literary Journal “Neo Planodion” and MPI ambassador in Greece, Elena Stagkouraki, the Festival was carried out in Athens and Crete, including several events with poetry, music, films and specialist speeches.

Stagkouraki participated in the 1st International Meeting of the Mujeres Poetas Internacional movement, which took place in Madrid between the 4th and 6th of March. After that, the opening of the festival was celebrated in Athens on March 10, in honour of the great Greek woman poet Zefi Daraki. Daraki was the wife of the late Greek poet, Vyron Leontaris, which was why she was often referred to as simply or just “Leontaris’ wife”, although she is a distinguished poet herself. This is what gave the opening event of the Greek “Woman Scream” Festival a double meaning. During this event, Foteini Kouvela, Secretary General of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Greek Ministry of the Interior greeted the initiative and spoke though her representative about the importance of such initiatives. Elena Stagkouraki gave some facts and figures concerning the women of the Arab and Muslim world, to which the 6th Woman Scream Festival was dedicated and read testimonies by victims of violence in these areas, given to Non-Governmental Organisations. Mrs Daraki also gave a short speech with her views on poetry, social and political engagement and the nature of being a woman, followed by recitations of her poetry by other young poets (Thomas Ioannou, Lena Kallergi, Dora Kaskali, Kleopatra Limperi and Nektaria Mendrinou). The actress Nana Papadaki performed a recitation of the short story “Don’t be afraid, are you all right?” by Foteini Segredaki, accompanied by the musicians Chara Tsalpara and Theodora Athanasiou.

The second event in Athens took place on the 17th of March with the presentation of the Woman Scream Poetry Anthology. Poems written by Jael Uribe, Maria Manetti Olavarría, Mariana Rodríguez, María Julia Bourguez, Pilar Rodriquez Aranda, Beatriz Arguelles, Asunsión Caballero, Ysabel Florentino, Mar Barrientos, Marianela Corriols, Molina Mirtha Gonzales, María Salomé Oviedo García, Bárbara Villagrán, Nathaly Jimenez Von Oertzen, Itzel Zagal, Elsa Ruth Espinoza Orozco, Teresita Aguilar Mirambell, Rocío Prieto Valdivia, Zulma Quiñones and Myrna Vargas Saavedra were translated into Greek and recited during the event by the Greek poets Anna Griva, Elsa Korneti, Kleopatra Liberi, Iro Nikopoulou, Eleni Tzatzimaki and Eleftheria Tsitsa. The poet Vassilis Zilakos read from Galeanos’ book “Women”. Chara Tsalpara and Theodora Athanasiou who accompanied with their accordion and guitar respectively also this event.

During the 18th and 19th of March films related to the reality of the Arab and Muslim women were shown. “The Help” and “Desert Flower” were shown on the 18th and “Manuscripts don’t burn”, as well as “The Stoning of Soraya M.” were shown on the 19th of March.

The next event of the Festival took place in the town hall of Kissamos on Crete, on the 20th of March, in cooperation with the Association of the Friends of Speech in Kissamos. After the greeting of the mayor, the gynaecologist Charis Batakis gave a speech on “The social and financial aspects of life as key factors to mother mortality”. Members of the above mentioned Association, among which Eleni Georgakaki, Georgia Tyraki and Foteini Segredaki, recited poetry and spoke about famous cases of Muslim women-rights’ activists. During the event, scenes of the “Never Without my Daughter” movie were shown.

Greece is facing severe financial and social problems at the moment, which make women or human rights matters in general seem secondary or unimportant. However, the current migrant crisis in the country places emphasis on the need to concentrate once again in human nature and the ways of proper conduct towards others. People who assisted at the various events of the Festival emphasised the necessity both of the festival itself and similar initiatives. There were many poets and artists who showed their vivid interest in participating in the Festival next year, a proof that the Festival in Greece is growing, so that the 7th Woman Scream Festival will be even more far-reaching.

Woman Scream 2016 Sydney Australia

From text written by Michele Seminara

One of the major feminist festivals in Sydney, the third annual International Women's Poetry and Arts Festival took place at NSW Parliament House on March 16, also as part of the worldwide chain of events of the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival for the third year in row celebrated this year 2016 in over 30 countries worldwide under the theme Desert Flowers.

The international event strived to honour subaltern writing and multicultural cohesion, supporting female poets, writers and artists from across a wide range of artistic expressions, cultures, sexual orientations and languages. It promoted seventeen female poets, writers and artists whose work explored feminism, gender equality, social justice, discrimination, creative transformation and intercultural understanding.

The festival showcased the work of Indigenous, refugee, migrant, LGBTI and Muslim as well as Australian feminists, and aimed to foster discussions about decolonising arts and literature, the role of the arts in feminism, ending violence against women, and overcoming marginalisation. The festival was founded on the shared conviction that arts and literature are essential to the vibrancy of our communities, and the focus was on supporting change by building coalitions based on solidarity, inclusion and diversity, and replacing discrimination with empathy.  

The event was hosted by the Green's Member of Parliament Dr Mehreen Faruqi, a finalist in the 2015 Daily Life Woman of the Year Award for leading the way in positive social change. It was directed by Saba Vasefi, a respected voice of the transnational feminism movement who was a recipient of the Edna Ryan award for making a significant contribution to feminism, and also a Premier's Multicultural Medal for Arts and Culture. The night was emceed by outspoken hip hop artist Kween G, who produced the news feature for Alchemy’s ‘Stolen Generation’ special, which was awarded a silver medal in the United Nations category. 

The festival was launched by poet, prominent activist and winner of the National Indigenous Human Rights Award, Jenny Munro, who read a powerful selection of her personal and political poetry to a rapt audience. Saba Vasefi performed a poem which was inspired by her own childhood experience of the war between Iran and Iraq, and which addressed the issue of compulsory hijab for female students in Iran. She also launched Engraft, the first collection by poet, critic and editor Michele Seminara, stating:

Engraft charts the darker waters of the human psyche, exploring themes of abuse, loss, family dynamics and the role of women as mothers, lovers, artists and spiritual beings. It is Michele’s fierce commitment to witness with clear eyes the challenging and joyous experiences that unite us as women which give the poems of  Engraft their power.  

Acclaimed poet Judith Beveridge, recipient of the Dame Mary Gilmore Award, the NSW Premier's Poetry Prize and the Christopher Brennan Award for her outstanding contribution to Australian poetry, read a touching selection of her poems, and Sarah Connor, independent female hip hop artist, writer and poet, gave an exciting performance, summing up her creative motivation in the lyric: “I don't aim to speak for anyone / but to document our times /so that when we're dead, the next can still visualise / the stories that we live through, akin to, a world view / something bigger than me, and bigger then you!”.

Dr Kate Lilley, queer feminist poet and Associate Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at the University of Sydney, read poetry based on her experiences as a young woman in Sydney, and Eleanor Jackson, Filipino-Australian poet and two-time winner of the Midsummer Poetry Out Loud Slam and National Poetry Slam finalist wowed the audience with her spoken word performance. 

Yarrie Bangura, a writer, public speaker, textile designer, and visual and performing artist born in Sierra Leone who was forced to flee her country due to civil war, also performed, and Indian choreographer Aruna Gandhi presented a stunning traditional Indian dance solo.

Prominent writers, commentators, artists and scholars — such as author, novelist, commentator and award-winning advertising writer Jane Caro; commentator, activist and Adjunct Prof. Eva Cox; and researcher, public speaker and educator Dr Leslie Cannold — took part in a lively panel discussion on the future of feminism, chaired by Dr Mehreen Faruqi. The panel debated the importance of transnational versus international feminism, questioning whether a focus on gender issues went far enough, or if the feminist movement needed to focus on multilayered discrimination, such as discrimination based on race, social status or sexual orientation, in order to move forward. 

Gabrielle Journey Jones, Co-Founder and CEO (Creativity Encouragement Officer) of Creative Womyn Down Under, performed and spoke about her experience of being from both Maori and African American backgrounds, while Hawraa Kash Hawraa's performance was inspired by the experiences of herself and her loved ones during war in Lebanon, and her lifelong struggle to fit into a society which imposes its traditional social constructs on women.

Poet Zainab Kadhim drew creative inspiration from her Iraqi father and Thai mother, addressing themes of identity and performing a poem about her migrant father's experiences since leaving Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war. And performance poet Gloria Demillo recited work which addressed the challenges all young women face in patriarchal society. 

The festival supported, and was supported by, the Full Stop Foundation. The Full Stop Foundation’s focus is stopping sexual assault and domestic violence – full stop. They work to expand trauma counselling services for those who have experienced sexual assault and domestic violence, and to change the attitudes and behaviours that allow violence against women and children to occur.

The Festival was partnered by distinguished academic, human rights and feminist organisations such as Daily Life, Sydney Peace Foundation, Sydney University, Amnesty International, Asylum Seekers Centre, Settlement Services International and Peril Magazine

The event was advertised in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and English. Twenty complimentary tickets were offered to those from Indigenous, refugee and asylum-seeker backgrounds. The Sydney International Women's Poetry and Arts Festival also joined with the Women Poets International Movement (MPI) for the third year in row to bring this inspiring human chain festival, celebrated in over 50 countries worldwide since 2011, to Sydney. 

Woman Scream 2016 Saint Petersburg Russia

VI International Poetry festival “Woman Scream”, Saint Petersburg, Russia

©T. Luisa Calderón

The VI Women Scream, in St. Petersburg, Russia, was held on Saturday March 26, 2016 at ADELANTE, the Center of Spanish Language and Culture. This year the festival opened in three languages, Spanish, English and Russian.

The poetry representation was fifteen participants with Russian poems, five participants with poem written in Spanish, one participant with a translation from Spanish into Russian, and one participant with a poem written in English. There were a total of twenty-two participants.

The organizer, the associate professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Natalia Alexandrova, made a short introduction about the history of Woman Scream Poetry Festival and welcome one student of the Spanish course to recite a poem written by Teresa Calderon.

Following the introduction, Marina Drobysheva (jury in the past Festivals), made a presentation to introduce this year organizers: Valeria Kusakina, Natalia Alexandrova, Marina Drobysheva and the jury Professor Iliya Kolodyazhny of the Journalism Department at the University of Saint Petersburg.

The recital started with thoughts that found lyrical expressions, the young poets brought emotions into their own poems, some recited by heart, others partially read and the energy in their words burst in understanding and in defense of women.

After the recitation, the jury made announced and awarded the winners. There were three winners in Russian poetry, one in Spanish and one in translation from Spanish. The activity came to an end with touch sharing words enjoying tea and biscuit.

Woman Scream 2016 Connecticut USA

An event of the 6th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival "Desert Flowers" Tribute to Soraya M., was celebrated by the Free Poets Collective at the city of Connecticut, USA last Saturday March 5, 2016 at 2:00pm-4:30pm at the Buttomwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center, located in the 605 Main Street of Middletown.

The event was an "homage to women & against violence for a culture of peace” and had Jessica Brooke as the hostess, plus the participation of featured Poets such as:

Susan Mardinly, Elizabeth Fontaine, Debbie Tosun Kilday, Colin Haskins, among others.

There was a special Music Guest: Izikhotane Project

The formal recital was followed by an Open Mic round so the public would participate.

Woman Scream 2016 New Delhi India

An evening with Spoken word poetry

Posted on: 06:55 PM IST Mar 16, 2016 | Updated on: 7:57 pm,Mar 16,2016 IST

With its open air spaces, Delhi's Akshara Theatre witnessed a Sunday evening of a rather unique nature: Spoken word poetry.

Kartoos 2016, the second edition of the International Poetry Festival organised by the Bring Back the Poets, is a part of the Cri de Femme International Poetry and Arts Festival 2016, a worldwide cultural non-profit chain of events coordinated by the Movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional (MPI/Women Poet’s International Movement) based in the Dominican Republic.

Spoken word poetry is slightly different from poetry reading as it is written with the intention of being performed, or spoken aloud. This gives the artists the space to be able to say what they want to and the freedom to encompass music, dance, drama and art therein.

An Indo-French collaboration, the poetry festival saw spoken word artists from the United States, Sri Lanka and Nepal, in addition to many from the capital.

(Image: Delhi Based poet Abhimanyu Verma talks about the current political scenario with his spoken word poem)

"Kartoos 2015 was just an experiment that we wanted to organise casually, in a cafe like environment. But we realized the potential of organising it on a bigger scale, because it was something that had never happened in India before," founder of Bring Back the Poets Aditi A said. However, she lamented the fact that talented artists from Bangladesh could not come for the event due to lack of funding.

"I am hoping that Kartoos will turn out to be a much bigger international event in 2017, where I would want to see poets from Pakistan and Bangladesh. I feel it is important to bring a more South Asian feel to this event," she adds.

The poems themselves, which covered a vast array of pertinent issues, often resonated the trauma of sexual abuse, consequences of war and current socio-political situation. Sam Richman, from Kansas City talks about his stay in Lebanon through his poems and the aftermath of war, while Nawaraj Parajuli from Nepal talks about female foeticide through his spoken word poetry.


Delhi based poet Aina Singh, said "This was one of the best events I have attended in the last 2 years of poetry I have done. I really like Bring Back The Poets as they create safe spaces that become echo chambers where people can be themselves and disagree with each other at the same time."

One of the attendees Nikita said, "In a society that shames you for your scars and pulls you down for speaking about the struggles, spoken word for me is a movement against that. Performances from the event are still echoing in my head. It's like having a conversation with poets".


(Video: We caught up with Colombo's Grace Wickremasinghe, who talked about the loopholes in the justice system and rape in her poetry, for a little tete-a-tete.)

For some time now, Spoken word poetry has had huge audience in the West. Several famous contemporary artists like Andrea Gibson, Sarah Kay, Kate Tempest, Dark Matter's Alok and Janani, among others have taken the internet by storm. While India is still trying to catch up, the one thing that seems to be lacking is a safe and open platform for such performative arts.